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My name is Gun (old Swedish name) and although born and raised in Sweden, I have lived in Australia for 30 years.

One of my best friends in Sweden has had acute back problems for some years, a little while ago she told me about this Acupressure Mat Device (also called Shakti Mat) that she had been using to help relieve her back pain. She was so enthusiastic about it that I got one to try out.

My husband has hip and back issues, so, I got him to try it out as well – after a couple of weeks of daily use he was ecstatic about the way it not only relieved his pains but also how relaxing it was to use.

I have had some pains in my lower back, but primarily have had problems sleeping. When I used the mat I was most surprised to find that it really relaxes you and certainly helped my back problems, but more importantly has helped me to get a good nights sleep every time I use it.

So, we researched the product more thoroughly and decided that it might be something for us to sell in Australia and overseas.

I bought a few to have our friends try out and they all found some benefit and have become fans – each had a different experience and found the mat helped them in many ways, such as better sleeping, reduce back pain, other aches and pains, meditation and just a really good way to de-stress at the end of a busy day.

The upshot is that I have formed a company to sell these wonderful mats and my husband – Sam – who has over 30 years experience in the corporate world has agreed to run the business for me.

Please explore the site and hopefully you will see the many benefits of the product and will become one of ou rmany satisfied customers.

All the best…Gun

PS: You can contact Sam on 1-800-306-648.

SCI Pty Ltd

PO Box 478


NSW 2087