Back Pain

Discover How You May Alleviate Your Back Pain

Just By Lying Down For 15-20 Minutes Per Day!

The Use of Acupressure has been proven to help alleviate Back Pain – Read this BBC Article - Acupressure “Good for Back Pain” . They say : “Acupressure is more effective in reducing lower back pain than standard physical therapies” The reason Acupressure (Natural Remedies) works is that the pressure on the skin ensures that:

  1. The Body Increases the Blood Flow to that region – Increased Blood Flow relaxes muscles so they can be healed
  2. The Brain releases Endorphins from the Pituitary Gland – Endorphins are the body’s Natural Morphine, which work to decrease the intensity of pain and also gives us an overall good feeling.

The reason the Acupressure Mat is so effective, is that the Mat has over 6,000 pressure points, which react with the body. Hear is what one of our customers experienced: “My lower/middle back problem occured in the late sixties when I was young and fit, I lived with it for a while and thought it went away. Eventually it came back to plague me and I leant to live with a back brace and pain killers. Since I was given the acupuncture mat to try, the pain killers have past their ‘use by date’ and the back brace is only used as a preventative measure when I attempt something adventurous. Whilst I don’t understand the mechanics of the interaction between the acupressure mat and back problem I can testify to the remedial effect it has with regular use. It has changed my life/lifestyle, I wouldn’t be without it now and the fact that it is so compact and portable is a real bonus.” NM South Coast NSW You too can experience the Benefits of the Mat which not only works on relieving Pain, but can also be used just for Relaxation.

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