Meditate on an Acupressure Mat?

by admin on December 31, 2010

I was doubtful about the Shakti mat at first. This acupressure mat has been advertised as something which can help you to easily reach a deeper state of meditation as well as relieve some health problems. I wasn’t at all sure that it could do what it was said to, but I gave it a go nonetheless.

After all, all you should need for meditation is a quiet place where you can slow down and still your thinking for a while. Do you need a mat, let alone a Shakti mat to meditate? Can you even meditate on something which resembles nothing so much as a bed of nails?

The simple answer is yes. This little acupressure mat is an extremely powerful meditative tool. I’m addicted to it now, especially at night to ensure I get a good nights sleep. A nagging ache in my hip that had me tossing and turning most nights has become a distant memory, thanks no doubt to the pain relieving properties of my nightly acupressure mat sessions.

The <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Shakti Mat</a> is covered with little lotus-flower shaped acupressure points providing over 6,000 ‘nails’ that stimulate the meridians, releasing energy and lulling you into a state of relaxation. Even busy, buzzy over-active minds will be stilled by a 20 minute session on one of these mats. Your mind has no choice but to slow down, there are higher energies at work here.

When you first try lying down on the Shakti mat, you might have a hard time getting accustomed to the sensation. What you should do is to lie right down all at once instead of trying to gradually lie down on it, which can be uncomfortable. However, as soon as you’re lying there with the mat’s spikes supporting your body weight evenly, you realise that it’s an incredibly comfortable thing.

I’d been lying on the Shakti mat for less than a minute before I started to feel a tingling warmth in my back. Within a couple of minutes, this sensation starting spreading throughout my body. It feels strange, but only for a moment before the deep relaxation sets in.

The tingling, warming sensation is the feeling of energy being released throughout our bodies as the points on this acupressure mat stimulate the energy centers of ones body and the feeling of your body’s energy returning to its proper natural balance.

With each breath, I felt myself melt deeper onto the Shakti mat. As I lay there supported by over 6,000 sharp little spikes, I found that I didn’t need to use any of my usual tricks to enter a meditative state. It just happened.

I didn’t have to do anything consciously to reach this state; the mat is just so relaxing that it came over me all on its own. There was no requirement to clear the thoughts from my mind or go through my body from toes to head ensuring each part was relaxed. I focused on the warmth and I was in a deep state of meditation within minutes.

The feeling of calm that can be experienced whilst meditating on the Shakti mat is divine. The power of acupressure combined with the act of meditation makes for a truly heightened meditative state. As the subtle energies are stimulated, the mind stills further enabling you to reach a higher level of awareness whilst meditating.

If you’re looking to deepen your meditations then look no further than this little acupressure mat. The Shakti mat, as an aid to meditation, is an absolute gem.