Acupressure Mat – Can You Really Relax On A Bed Of Nails?

Sounds carzy I know, but the answer is really – YES ! The Acupressure Mat (also called Shakti Mat) features more than 6,000 acupressure points shaped like lotus flowers. The effect of this full-body acupressure is to produce a deeply relaxed state. No matter how wound up you may be before, twenty minutes on this  mat will help you slow down and relax. The first time you lie down on the Acupressure mat, this new sensation can take a little getting used to. The trick is to lie right down rather than to try to ease yourself onto this acupressure mat. Once the points are evenly supporting your weight, it’s actually quite comfortable. In a minute or so after lying on the Acupressure Mat , you start to feel a sensation of warmth and tingling spreading over your back. By the time ten minutes has gone by, you can feel this warmth in every part of your body. It can be a little strange at first, but it is actually a comforting sensation which causes one to relax very quickly. What is happening is that the body is reacting to contact with the points and is sending an increaded flow of blood to deal with this. At the same time it is sending hormones – endorphins – the morphine of the body. This all helps to relax you. If you happen to have some pain in the area, then they will work on this also. However, the main senstation is one of relaxation. Most people fall asleep from time to time when using the mat – as unbelievable as that sounds on a Bed of Nails – but very true.

“I have been having great difficulty sleeping through the night, just tossing and turning all of the time. When I started using the Mat at night, all of this changed – I just seem to drift off into a peaceful sleep which lasts all night long”

CA – Sydney

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